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“It’s not my job to keep myself in the news. My job is to keep performing. If I spend time promoting myself or being concerned about my image, I wouldn’t have the energy to do the work that I’m doing. I love what I do and I’m good at it too.” - Kalki Koechlin

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I’m looking for a penpal who I can speak to in Spanish.

I started learning Spanish during high school and I love the language. Unfortunately I am forgetting it now, and what better way to remember a language than to speak to someone in it?

If you’re willing to be my penpal then message me! You can write to me in English or Spanish (I will write in Spanish), and we could send e-mails or even write real letters to each other! Apart from re-learning Spanish, I also want a pen pal because I would love to get to know someone from a different place, with a different culture, from whom I could learn new things.

Here are some things about me:
Age: 19 (going to be 20 in April)
Where I am from: Calcutta, India
What I am studying: Double major in Communication and Psychology
Languages I am fluent in: English, Hindi, Bengali (hopefully soon I will be able to put Spanish on this list)
I like to: Read, sing, blog, eat dessert, take photos of pretty flowers


Hello March

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I love my new phone case!

 Describe for Joey things you find in your refrigerator



12-year-old invents Braille printer using Lego setThe Braigo printer cost its inventor about $350, making it more affordable than other Braille printers that can retail for more than $2,000.

And because I seriously side-eye this Western journalism trend of never crediting and NAMING the actual inventors in the headlines (especially when they’re young POC)
this inventor’s name is Shubham Banerjee, and he is making his glorious design completely open source, publishing it online FREE of charge! Just remember this kid’s name before some crusty old white dude “innovates” his design and takes all the credit.